Biopurus Organic Infused Citrus Grandis / Grapefruit Peel Cosmetic Oil 100ml

Grapefruit Infused Oil
Botanical / INCI name - Citrus Grandis 
Citrus grandis, also commonly known as pomelo, is one of the original species native to South Asia, from which many other cultivated grapefruit species were hybridized. These trees produce the largest fruit of any citrus species, including other grapefruit species, with a distinctly thick rind protecting the sweet fruit.
Certified Organic by Soil Association GB-ORG-05, certificate reference DC25977

Extraction method: Infused / Macerated - Unrefined
Suggested use: Cosmetic oil for external use only
Ingredients: Organic Grapefruit infused/macerated oil (Citrus Grandis & Brassica Napus)
Packaging: 100ml glass bottle
Country of origin: EU
The oil does not contain any artificial preservatives or artificial colours.

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