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  1. Ceramic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifier 300ml

    Ceramic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifier 300ml

    Ceramic Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifier 300ml
    Unique ultrasonic technology wooden grain design oil diffuser it is very portable and looks lovely, add your favourite essential oil to change your room air, give your room a fresh and clean, it can make you feel refresh, reduce your pressure, moisten dry and chapped skin and helps  you breathe better .It will envelop your surroundings effectively and brings a Spa like feeling to your home and relax yourself from a long day working.

    The Features:
    1. 7 Colour Changing: 7 Colours could be changing mode and you could also fix one colour that fits your mood.
    2. Mist Mode Adjustment: It has continuous (1 indicator will be on) and intermittent mist mode (2 indicators will be on) which will work 30s and stop 30s, and recycle.
    3. Automatically Shut Off: When there is no water in the tank, it will stop work automatically.
    4. Quiet Ultrasonic Atomization: Works quiet and will not disturb you whenever you are relaxing or working.
    5. Bluetooth Music
    Instructions for use:
    Open the cap, fill the tank with water, add few drops of your favourite essential oil into the water, replace the cap, power on and enjoy
    Only 100% natural essential oil could be used in this unit.
    Please clean the unit follow the maintenance step before changing new type of essential oil.
    Please do not add the water over the max line.
    After using 5-6 times or 3-5 days, please remember to clean the unit.

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  2. 100% Pure Essential Chios Mastiha Oil 10ml Biopurus

    100% Pure Essential Chios Mastiha Oil 10ml Biopurus

    Mastiha Oil 
    Botanical / INCI name -
     Mastic Oleoresin 
    100% Pure Mastiha Oil is extracted from the Chios mastiha through distillation process with steam. It is 100% natural product containing an extraordinary array of therapeutic, aromatic and flavoring ingredients. The oil has a unique aroma and healing benefits. It is used as a basic ingredient in health & care product. It is also used in the food and beverages industry.
    Mix a few drops of essential oil in a base oil, whole milk or cream. Add a few drops to your bath, mix with water for a refreshing beverage or use it instead of mastiha to create aromatic recipes.

    Extraction method: Steam distillation
    Suggested use:  Internal and External (edible)
    Ingredients: Pure Mastiha oil
    Packaging: 10ml glass bottle
    Country of origin: EU

    The oil does not contain any artificial preservatives or artificial colors.

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